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Uzbekistan Airport List · AZN Andizhan Airport · BHK Bukhara International Airport · FEG Fergana International Airport · KSQ Karshi Airport · NCU Nukus Airport · NMA. at Urgench Airport, Uzbekistan. HY 256 - MXP- UGC 4141 km. HY 052 9: 35- 10: 30 382 km. re: From Milan MXP. Tashkent International Airport, the country' s main gateway, unquestionably takes the lead among other airports in Uzbekistan. Modern airliners of Uzbekistan. The 10 biggest airports in Uzbekistan ; TAS, Tashkent International Airport, Tashkent ; FEG, Fergana International Airport, Fergana ; NMA, Namangan Airport. Uzbekistan Airports As of, there are 12 airports throughout the country of Uzbekistan according to IATA and ICAO. Through the table below, you can find name of each airport, its abbreviation, city location, and size. Airports in Uzbekistan are listed in alphabetical order. International airports in Uzbekistan.

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    This includes every single Uzbekistan Airports - International Airports, Domestic Airports, Military and Private Airports etc. If you are planning a visit Uzbekistan or travel to any city in Uzbekistan, knowledge about the airports and other travel facility will be really useful. AirportsEdit ; Shakhrisabz · Qashqadaryo, UTSH, Shakhrisabz Airport ; Tashkent · Tashkent, UTTT, TAS, Tashkent International Airport. The main international airport in Uzbekistan and naturally the country' s main gateway is Tashkent International Airport. It is, in fact, the largest airport. Where is Uzbekistan located in the world? There are 1 large, 5 medium and about 22 small airports in Uzbekistan. Travel to Uzbekistan Tourism If you need more tourist information we can advise you to buy a guide for Uzbekistan Health Malaria Malaria occurs in some areas. Protect yourself from mosquito bites. Precautions are personal. See full list on countryaah. The common languages in Uzbekistan are Uzbek ( Oʻzbek) and Russian ( Русский). The only officially used currency is Uzbekistani so' m.

    If you want to exchange money, check the current value of the Uzbekistani so' m with the value of your local currency at the money exchange office. How many provinces are there in Uzbekistan? Are there any international airports in Uzbekistan? The terminal is part of an $ 80 million modernization project. Uzbekistan A320 Getty Photo: Getty Images. Samarkand International Airport has. Islam Karimov Tashkent International Airport ( Uzbek: Islom Karimov Toshkent Xalqaro Aeroporti – ( IATA: TAS, ICAO: UTTT) ) is the main international airport. The international country code of Uzbekistan is UZ or UZB. Neighbouring countries are Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Uzbek Airlines, Information, Tashkent Airport, Uzbekistan Airways. Baggage Passengers on international flights have the following free baggage allowances:. Tashkent International is located in Uzbekistan, using iata code TAS, and icao code UTTT. Find out the key information for this airport.