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Welcome to our Uzbek list of the most popular words and expressions. If you memorize the whole vocabulary below, you will be able to communicate with most. Uzbek Phrases ; Hi: salom. What is your name? Nice to meet you: tanishganimdan xursandman ; Do you speak ( English/ Uzbek)? : siz ( inglizcha/ o'. Greetings ; Good morning! ( sg/ pl) Assalomu alaykum! Assalomu alaykum! ( sg/ pl) ; Hello! This is a list of the 1, 000 most commonly spoken Uzbek words. Learn english to uzbek words. 3100 Daily Use English To Uzbek Words | Uzbek to English words list ; anger, g' azab ; angle, burchak ; angry, badjahl ; animal, hayvon. The Most Commonly used words and phrases - Learn Uzbek Language ; I am sorry, Kechirasiz ( or Uzr), Possible ; Impossible, Mumkin emas, Sir/ Mr.

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    Words uzbek phrases

    Below, you will find several useful phrases and words. To the left is the English and to the far right is the Uzbek translation. Uzbek is currently transitioning from the Cyrillic script to Latin. While Cyrillic is common in Uzbekistan, Latin is the official script. Thank you very much! Thank you, you are so kind! Assalomu aleykum; Hello. ( informal) : Salom; Good morning: Hayirli tong; Good afternoon: Hayirli kun; Good evening: Hayirli kech; Good night. Learn the most important words in Uzbek. Here you can find the translation of the 50 most. Browse & Discover Thousands of Reference Book Titles, for Less. Phrases and daily expressions have a very important role in Uzbek.

    Once you' re done with the Uzbek Phrases,. Uzbek is a language spoken in Northern Asia. So, here are many of the most important and useful Uzbek phrases and words that you may. See full list on 1000mostcommonwords.