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Uzbeks make up more than four- fifths of the population, followed by Tajiks, Kazakhs, Tatars, Russians, and Karakalpaks. See full list on macrotrends. Download - Excel CSV - Sources. PopulationPyramid. Population: 32, 981, 714. , 981, 715 Population. United Nations projections are also included through the year 2100. The current population of Uzbekistan in is 34, 382, 084, a 1. 32% increase from. The population of Uzbekistan in 20, 935, 763, a 1.

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    Is Uzbekistan a safe country? Uzbekistan, officially the Republic of Uzbekistan, is a doubly landlocked country in Central Asia. It is surrounded by five landlocked countries: Kazakhstan to the north; Kyrgyzstan to the northeast; Tajikistan to the southeast; Afghanistan to the. The population of Uzbekistan in 20, 981, 716, a 1. 56% increase from. The population of Uzbekistan in 20, 476, 244, a 1. 62% increase from. Where do most of the people in Uzbekistan live? Religion in Uzbekistan ( Central Asia Barometer ) Islam ( 95% ) Christianity ( 3% ) Unaffiliated ( 1% ) Other or undeclared ( 2% ) Devonaboy Mosque in Andijan. Islam is the main religion in Uzbekistan. Islam is the predominant religion in Uzbekistan.

    It totals 92% of the population. As of, Uzbekistan has the largest population out of all the countries in Central Asia. Its 32, 768, 725 [ 145] citizens comprise nearly half the region' s total population. The population of Uzbekistan is very young: 34. 1% of its people are younger thanestimate). When it comes to crime and violence, Uzbekistan is different from its neighbors: it is generally safe for tourists, which is maybe due to the fact that it is police controlled state. However, it isn’ t a safety paradise and you shouldn’ t relax since this country isn’ t without its risks. The street and violent crime have been on an increase.